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“Wendy really engaged the room with her knowledge and experience. In just a few short hours I learnt my way around the ever changing Facebook, giving me an action plan.”

Mary McCarthy

“Fabulous to have all the knowledge in one workshop.”

Janell Fowler,

“Thank you so much for your time this afternoon you went well beyond your 10-min call but I really appreciated your guidance. As a social media novice, I was struggling with getting my business face book page up and running effectively and in around 30 minutes you provided me with a wealth of information, tips and hints. This discussion together with my VIP membership is certainly going to get my social media supporting my business growth. I’ve even fixed my auto signature and my personal face book to indicate what my business is – simple but key to marketing!”

Nerida Guerin,

“It is alright to make mistakes, that is how you learn”….You have to be doing it to get better at it!

Thank you Wendy, for giving me the confidence to try to step into the world of social media. Until I met Wendy, I was sure I would leave social media in the too hard basket. I have listened and been guided by Wendy to start using social media.

It is another world/language and I realize I have to spend time on this to see results. It is initially overwhelming, but Wendy has patiently encouraged me to do one thing at a time. It makes a lot more sense now then what it did when I began – and I feel happier now when I attempt a new task in social media.

I have a long way to go, but I have started, and I’m enjoying it. Thank you Wendy I could not have done it without you.”

Veronica Coghlan,

“As a mature age person who’s slipped through the cracks in learning and understanding social media, I found Wendy’s workshop mind blowingly interesting, heart palpitatingly exciting, deliciously juicy and jam packed with everything a person needs to launch into this exciting media.”

Kaye Evans

“Wendy is an expert on Facebook strategies and shares her knowledge freely. With her help we can all become experts and grow our businesses as a result.”

Rosemary Mulcahy,

“Wendy provides a friendly, exciting and informative workshop with participants able to interact. She has tremendous knowledge in her field and obviously loves educating people in this. “

Denise Hillis,

“I met Wendy when she did a presentation on Google+ and LinkedIn and as a result, I asked her to do a review of our LinkedIn profiles and our website linking to LinkedIn as well as the consistency between LinkedIn and our website. She did a very thorough review, standardising the format so it was easy to follow for each area.

Thanks Wendy and well done! I will also be using Wendy for the implementation stage to make sure we get the details and linkages set up correctly.”

Michael Royal,

“Thank you Wendy! You are always at the head of the pack when it comes to changes in social media. It’s a relief to know that with every change that occurs I can count on your info to be clear, savvy and up to date.”

Melissa Prince,

“Hi Wendy, I thought I would let you know I have only been using the new timeline since a couple of days ago and was thinking about my new image at the top and how I could use it to create more curiousity about what I do.

Thank you, You have enlightened me and answered my question right here. It’s amazing how the universe works. Awesome! Warmest Regards.”

Shirley Kerkow,

“Wendy, your energy and enthusiasm are infectious. I feel so inspired to use the skills you so generously shared today. I am always astounded at how much you know and your skill and patience in sharing your knowledge. In appreciation.”

Yvonne Flanders,
Training for Life

“I knew I needed to start using Google + but didn’t know where to start until Wendy showed me exactly what I needed to do. By implementing her tips and advice now I’m getting connected to new people and have set up my business page so that I can use Google + to expand my business network.”

Melinda Samson,

“I had a lot of questions about how to link my social media strategy with my website to make it work more effectively. Wendy was incredibly generous with her time and went through each of my questions in turn, covering facebook fan pages, calls to action articles, newsletter systems, Google + and how to link my blog.

She walked me through the practical steps while we were both logged into my website. She answered my questions simply in a way I could understand and gave me feedback on what I was doing right. At the end of the call I had a clear idea of what to do next and how to do it.

Thanks so much Wendy. “

Dawn Vincent,

“I want to thank you for giving me so much insight into the world of Social Media today in our telephone conversation. Since I have so much to learn and it all becomes so overwhelming, I found that you have lifted so much of the fog that surrounds this subject.

I can only say, to anyone who is not clear on this subject, sign up to DIYSocialMediaforBusiness.com and I’m sure that you will be be a master once you view the easy to follow short videos on any subject. I’m also very grateful for the links to various sites of interest for my business. You are truly a Wizz at what you do!

I look forward to the next opportunity to chat with you.”

Ingrid Pich,

“Attended one of your sessions on social media a long time ago and had a CD you had provided at the time. Referal via Andrea Hepner.

Was cleaning up and had a listen of your material. THANK YOU!! I have had so many blocks in the cyber world and am now going to make the first move in starting to use the form of marketing.

Keep up the good work. Hope to attend further sessions with you in the near future. Please let us know your events calendar.”

Vanita Dahia

Melbourne-Collagen-Foundation share why they loved their strategy session with Wendy Moore“Brilliant introduction for us into Social Media. Cleared a lot of the misunderstanding we had about how to use Facebook.”

Melbourne Collagen Foundation

“Wendy provides simple tips and strategies that will make an immediate difference in my business now. I’m excited and motivated to get moving on what she suggests.”

Jo Wise

Shannon Bush from International Association for Creative Women in Business“I had the absolute honour of holding a content rich conversation with Wendy Moore today for the International Association of Creative Women in Business Empower Hour Expert call.Wendy truly is a master when it comes to making Social Media for business effortless for all business owners.

Wendy shared her expertise in a powerful way, answering questions live on the call and thereby offering a priceless opportunity for learning the importance of using Social Media for branding and creating true on-line expertise.

Thanks so much Wendy, on behalf of our members and my community I am full of appreciation and really look forward to working with you again in the future.

Shannon Bush
www.creativepossibilitycoach.com & www.iacwb.org

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Ludwina Dautovic from the Red Tent calls Wendy Moore the "go to girl"

“Thanks Wendy for a very informative session. I surely got a lot of information that will help me expose my business well through the various social media avenues. [I now have] lots of ideas to consider and act on.”

Elisabeth Haddad Holgate,

“Wendy Moore explains and shares her knowledge in an interesting and visual way. I like and appreciate that Wendy encourages questions and seems to make the information shared interesting, up to date and rewarding and relevant to
learning how to value-add content to business.”

Michele Flynn,
Mim Virtual Assistant Biz

“Highly recommend the session to all who need to gain a better understanding of social media and how to maximise its potential.”

Francesca Manglaviti,

“Not being very “tech savvy”, I felt that Wendy was clear and succinct with teaching us how to use social media to the benefit of our business and appreciating out level of knowledge.”

Wendy Goldsack,

“Thanks Wendy for your invaluable advice on my first group session. I am very happy I attended.”

Sara Merckel,

“Thank you. I found the session very informative. It can be daunting to know where to start. I’ve realised to start slow, with baby steps and that it is an ongoing commitment to upkeep and learn.”

Anna Colella,


“Thank you Wendy for providing clarity in a fast paced medium – social media. I look forward to using what I learned to grow my business and skills.”

Cory Andrews,

“The session with Wendy was very informative. Not only did we form a specific action plan for myself, but I was able to take away other things that were geared towards other members in the group! Thank you Wendy!”

Stephanie Travers,

“It was fantastic to have a fresh face to look at my business and provide new ideas that I had not considered before. Wendy was helpful and engaging and gave each business equal care and attention”.

Melanie Ellis,

“When Wendy and the Savvy Web team began working on my social media sites, I knew there was lots of room for improvement. I had originally set up my twitter account, facebook page, linked in and you tube page, but the problem was, the branding looked terrible and there were certain features in each of the social sites that I knew I either wasn’t using or I hadn’t set up properly.

With Wendy’s help, my branding become aligned across all the sites, all the links worked properly on all my social media sites and my Facebook Fanpage was so much more professional looking thanks to some great ideas that Wendy implemented. Overall, my social media sites are now in alignment with my website branding and they have gone from amateur looking to professional looking. Thanks Wendy!”

Kim Morris

“As most small to medium sized businesses gear up to get them selves out there in the social media web, the race is on to do it well and effectively. After researching what was needed for the almarker facebook business page, I realised that I just don’t have the time to it all myself! So I appointed the extraordinary, Wendy Moore of Savvy Web Women to do it for me!

Savvy Web Women keeps my business Facebook pages and events up to date so I can get on with growing my business.
Wendy knows her stuff and makes it all so easy for someone not so tech savvy like me. :)”

Pia Almarker

What Life Changing Travels says about attending a recent Savvy Web Women teleseminar

http://www.savvywebwomen.com.au/images/Nobby-Kleinman-Money-Rules-headshot.jpg“When I decided to implement social media strategies for Money Rules, I turned to Wendy Moore to set it up for me.

She took the time to find out what I needed, the market it was to fit into, and how it was all to link one strategy to another.

As a result Wendy and her team built the Money Rules Face Book fan page, Twitter, You Tube and Linked In accounts.

But it didn’t stop there.

They have continued to maintain and provide enhancements to those channels way past the initial handover dates.

When my brand is in front of the social media audience, it just has to be right.

There are many new comers offering social media services, but I won’t trust my business or my future to just anyone.

I can only suggest that anyone looking to have their social media done for them, then get on to Wendy Moore.”

Nobby Kleinman

“Thanks to Wendy and the team for capturing the essence of what I needed to bring my Facebook page to life. I’m so impressed!”

Trish Jones

“Wendy was a breath of fresh air as she offered packages to make outsourcing easier. I have confidence in outsourcing to Wendy and see her as a very important business partner.”

John Weninger

“Today I had a light bulb moment that I can implement immediately for free that will increase the traffic to our website and increase our income from online sales.”

Karen Driscoll

“I was a social media dinosaur before this savvy list building event. I knew I needed to be doing this
work but I didn’t know where to start. Thank you Wendy for lifting the wool that was over my eyes. I can confidently say that I now have the tools to move forward with establishing my business presence online.”

Diana Vogel

“As online business owners, we understood the importance of using social media but found the setup all a little difficult.

We had heard Wendy speak on the correct use of social media and knew that she was the perfect person to assist us in the setup of our Facebook branding and fan page. The process was an absolute pleasure with great liaison between Wendy and ourselves and I am absolutely delighted with the result. Thank you Wendy!”

Carol Ruggeri

“I met Wendy at the VIVA conference and I came away with so many ideas and actions it was exhilarating. Thank you again for sharing such an engaging and passionate journey.”

Ruth May

“I have been running my Magnetic Therapy Product business for 9 years on my own and have extremely limited knowledge of the workings of Social Networking sites. I received an email from someone I didn’t know to attend a luncheon with a Guest speaker, Wendy Moore.

Thinking this was a scam, I decided to see if this woman came up on Google. I was so excited when I read that Wendy offered a service that would take all the stress off me in marketing my little business on the net and leave me to do what I know I am good at. I had several conversation with her and decided that she was the Angel I was secretly praying for. Wendy explains things in a very easy to follow way and discussed things with me in language that I could understand. Computer jargon scares me!!

I have full confidence that Wendy knows her stuff and that my business is in good hands. I signed up for the Total Care package and am looking forward to seeing my business grow online. Thanks for coming up with such a great service, there are plenty of us out there that desperately need your help!”

Gerardine Robinson

“I thoroughly enjoyed speaking with Wendy and found her to be personable, smart, savvy, and very generous. Itʼs evident that she knows Social Media inside-out, yet her content is extremely practical and she makes it easy to understand. She encourages people to take immediate action by providing lots of value-filled bonus gifts throughout. Wendy really understands and cares about what people need.”

Jo Chevin

“What I love about the Savvy Snapshot event on Social Media and Building a Targeted list was Wendy’s content-rich and easy-to-follow approach. We got to workshop many ideas about our business and key strategic approaches to get in front of our target market in a way that will have maximum impact. Wendy is so passionate and knowledgeable in this area and she facilitates a lively discussion within the seminar that truly inspires you to consider where you need to be investing more time and energy, whilst having fun doing it.”

Melissa Parente

“Wendy Moore, one of Australia’s leading lights specializing in online and social media marketing, consistently gives excellent content which is insightful, original and practical. If you are serious about building your business the right way (and QUICKLY), you absolutely MUST listen to Wendy.”

Susan Rice Lincoln

“Ten minutes on the phone to Wendy provided me with the valuable tools and direction to take my business to the next level. Not only has Wendy walked the walk, in 10 minutes Wendy had talked the talk. Wendy looked at my business from the outside in and was able to assist me in making valuable changes to the dynamics of my shop front which has help me convert customers into sales. Thanks Wendy!”

Louise Pearson

“Having a sign up form on Facebook was a key element in my social media strategy, however, it’s not that simple to do and it requires a certain technological ability. Savvy Web Women certainly has that. I now have a free offer on my facebook fan page with a form that automatically adds the content into my website database. Wow! No third party required. And the good news? Yes, there’s more. Within 24 hours the free offer was already listed on Google. Thanks Wendy and your team. Great job yet again!”

Ludwina Dautovic

Sheryl Phillips

“I thought your afternoon showing the group ‘How to get more people to my web site was great.” You explain every step clearly, and the huge benefits to growing my business is in action now. If anyone has a business, which is not growing at the speed you want, then Wendy will demonstrate what ever it is you require to grow your business, or attract clients to your web site, and be shown step by step how achieve this. Then do not miss Wendy’s next Media afternoon. Thank you Wendy!”

Sheryl Phillips

“Savvy Web Women is a wonderful portal for busy business mums! Great work Wendy!”

Penelope Anastasiadis

“I really enjoy your links & info coming through my feed. So user friendly & quality content – I have been telling associates about you as a resource.”


“I love being a Savvy Web Women and am always looking out into my email inbox for anything that comes from Wendy. She is so generous with her content and she is so easy to learn from. Excellent, excellent, excellent. If I can do it so can you.”

Margaret Saunders

“Savvy Web Woman provides the latest in online business strategies, social media strategies and the ability to network with like-minded women from all around the world. I just love it!”

Pam Brossman

“Great resource for women in online business. You will find a wealth of information here, which is delivered in a way that truly inspires and motivates you. Well done Savvy Web Women, keep up the fantastic work.”

Tracey Hughes

“Being a Virtual Assistant, you would assume that I know everything about the internet, but I don’t. Whilst I consider myself quite web savvy, the Virtual Assistant industry has changed a lot as to what we can offer businesses. I have a passion for Social Media and supporting Australian Businesses. Attending Wendy Moore’s Web Secret Success Club webinar, has given me some great tools and inspiration that can help me deliver more to my clients and community, and I am looking forward to implementing these over the coming months.”

Katey Shaw – Virtual Assistant

Kylee Legg - The Publishing Queen“Wendy is a very talented lady in many areas but kindly assisted me in one area that I was a complete novice in; that being social marketing. I have been telling all my customers the importance of using social marketing to position themselves as an expert and leverage their time in promoting their respective products for a long time but not taking my own advice as I didn’t have the time to learn how to. Wendy walked me step by step through the basics answering any questions I had based on my specific needs to make my learning curve as quick as possible. If it wasn’t for Wendy’s crash course I probably still wouldn’t have found the time to start. “

Kylee Legg

Mary Sartinas from Verix“I was really impressed with your Savvy Web Women teleseminar! I recently participated in your “Planning your Digital Strategy and Marketing Plan for 2010” webinar and was overwhelmed by the amount of practical information that I walked away with. In fact, I’m now armed with a page full of digital marketing strategies that I have already started to implement! What impressed me the most though, is the simple yet detailed way that the information was presented and as you know, I’m in finance, so many IT acronyms meant nothing to me before your teleseminar. “

Mary Sartinas

Julie St Clair from Style and Grace“Thank you so much, Your Savvy Web Secrets mentoring program is taking my business to a new level. I’m very excited! I am a professional Make-up Artist and my business is mostly service based and traditionally there has only been a few options available to advertise such as magazines and online directories.I also wanted to market my new online store and I began to realise the potential of using such things as blogging, twitter, facebook etc to improve my business but did not know where to start or where to go for help. There was plenty of ‘stuff’ to read online but it didn’t make sense to me. Whilst I understood the concept, Wendy has helped de-mystify the process. She has opened my eyes to the possibilities of having a massive business without spending thousands of dollars.

At the moment I am absorbing everything. Wendy’s guidance, her strong desire to help and the knowledge she freely imparts is helping me to take action. I know I can have an exciting, thriving business using my new online marketing skills provided by my Savvy Web Secrets Mentoring Program. Thank you Wendy you are a gem.”

Julie St Clair

Rachel Anastasi“Wendy, the first time I saw you speak, I thought your presentation was great, even though I have a website, so many light bulbs went off for constant and never ending improvement! Since then we have had a few chats and you have been extremely generous with your time and knowledge. You have provided me with valuable information and gotten me thinking on more than one occasion. Thankyou”

Rachel Anastasi

Jo Harrison from Soulmate Success“Thanks for such an awesome night. Wendy Moore’s information was perfect – I took away a couple of key pieces of informatio I have been needing and I’m looking forward to implementing them immediately.”

Jo Harrison


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