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Wendy Chamberlain from Social Property Selling

Selling Your Home? Talk to Wendy about how we can help!

An avid real estate investor herself, Wendy has bought and sold more than a dozen properties over the past 15 years in her own investing portfolio using various investment strategies, including several renovation projects and positive cash-flow investments. Her most recent purchase is in her Self Managed Super Fund.

Social Property Selling is the realisation of two passions for Wendy – real estate and computers – and she brings to the table her considerable experience and expertise in both arenas.

If you’re looking to sell (or you’re a real estate agent that helps Vendors sell), talk to us today about how we can help you achieve a fabulous sale price for your home by leveraging marketing strategies that most people selling their home don’t even know about!  Contact us today about helping you and your agent get your home sold for a fabulous result.

Social Property Selling - we help sellers and real estate agents achieve a fabulous sale price when selling a home