Keywords to Choose to Improve your Google Ranking

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Keywords are words or phrases that people use when they look for information using the various internet search engines, such as Google. For this reason, it is essential that you use powerful keywords when writing your article for the internet. By using the right keywords, your write-up has a better chance of ranking well in […]

by Wendy Chamberlain
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How Google Alerts Can Help Drive Traffic

in Business

In any type of business, it’s very important to find as many ways as possible to attract more clients. On the internet today, there are numerous methods people in business can utilize to drive traffic to their website.  But how do you keep track of how you’re doing online? One of the most helpful ways is […]

by Wendy Chamberlain
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What are Circles on Google+ and How Do You Create Them?

in Articles

On Google Plus, the newest social networking site powered by the world’s famous search engine Google, your connections are referred to as Circles. You use this feature to control the people you want to share updates with and the posts you want to see. This allows, what Google calls, sharing the right stuff with the […]

by Wendy Chamberlain
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Google+ – 5 key strategies to get you started

in Google+

Google+ is the newest social networking site to hit the web.  So how can you utilize it to your advantage? Powered by Google, Google+ was launched last June 2011 and promises to be a user friendly platform that will allow people to share information and images in real time. The site has already changed to […]

by Wendy Chamberlain
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